Here are our dog walker and pet sitter prices. See Our Services for more details.
Please ask if you want something a little different, we are happy to tailor our services to you and your pets.

Fuel charges
Free within Stocksbridge and Deepcar, then fuel surcharges may apply.

Dog Walking

An experienced dog walker ensures your pooch has a fun, stimulating walk in Stocksbridge, Deepcar and the surrounding areas.



£4 per walk




Pet Sitting

Relax while you are away for work or play. We will visit your pets so that you don't worry or rush home. Includes play, letting out / short walk, feeding, grooming, and cuddles of course! See Our Services for more details.






Email Kelly for a £

Holiday Pet Sitting

Not everyone wants to put their pets in boarding kennels. Some pets get very stressed and even ill when in boarding. We offer an alternative service where your pet is in their own home, with less disruption and stress.

£15per day / £100pwk (7 days)

£10per day or £60pwk (7 days)

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